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Midwest Barrier Solutions

Vapor Mitigation System

Midwest Barrier Solutions is an Indiana-based small business specializing in vapor intrusion systems, both passive and active. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to provide you with expertise in system selection and construction for vapor intrusion/mitigation systems. 

Sub-Slab Venting Systems

The venting systems are used to relieve sub-slab pressures and provide for easy extraction. These systems can be set up with monitoring stations as well as fresh air intakes.

Midwest Barrier Solutions

What is Vapor Intrusion?

Vapor intrusion is the migration of subsurface chemical vapors into overlying structures. With more and more sites being redeveloped and classified as Brownfield’s or impaired sites, environmental engineers specify vapor control systems to ensure good indoor air quality. These systems are used to control unwanted contaminants from entering the structures.

Midwest Barrier Solutions

Advantages of Liquid Applied Barriers

  • Conform to Just About Any Sub-grade.
  • Terminations Are Completed With No Mechanical Fasteners.
  • Pipe Penetrations and Clusters Are Simplified.
  • Quality Control Smoke Testing and Repairs Are Made Quickly.

Why Choose Us

  • Midwest Barrier Solutions Specializes in Sub-slab Vapor Intrusion Systems, Both Passive and Active Systems.
  • The Venting Systems Are Used to Relieve Sub-slab Pressures and Provide for Easy Extraction.
  • We Offer Specialized Vapor Intrusion Systems.
  • Nationwide Service Area
  • High-Level Expertise and Experience
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